Learning and Development


MAS is a knowledge intensive organisation with a range of specialist functions.  We are committed to invest heavily in the personal growth of each of our officers.  We see your development as an ongoing process.  We take a broad approach to training and development, believing that learning can emerge from many sources and that your personal growth benefits the entire organisation.

Training & Development  
We provide structured and on-the-job training and development opportunities to enhance your performance which will translate into potential for progression and growth. To help you develop,  there will be opportunities for you to work and contribute in the different functions in MAS
Attachment Opportunities  
There are opportunities for you to be attached to other central banks, supervisory authorities, financial institutions, other government agencies as well as  international organisations like the IMF to broaden your exposure and experience. 
Educational Sponsorship  
Our Educational Sponsorship Programme provides financial assistance and study leave if you wish to take up part-time courses relevant to MAS' work. 

Post-graduate Scholarship 
Our Post-graduate Scholarship Programme offers you an opportunity to take up postgraduate studies such as Masters of Economics, Financial Engineering, MBAs and PhDs.

Last Modified on 30/07/2015