Our People


Tang Wei, Graduate Officer, 2010, Specialist Risk Department

" Having studied Physics, Philosophy and Linguistics in university, I was clearly not trained to be a public servant, central banker or financial regulator. However, at MAS, it is the officer’s passion and capacity to contribute that matters and much less critical is his or her field of training. .... "

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Goh Soo Hui, Mid-Career Professional, 2006, Banking Department

"I started my career in an international audit firm and subsequently joined the internal audit department of a foreign bank. Having been in an audit-related field for almost 10 years, I was looking for new challenges."
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Sherry Goh, Graduate Officer, 2010, Financial Centre Development Department

Intern, External Department (2008) & Capital Markets Department (2009) 

"MAS, with its key role in the development of Singapore’s financial sector, was the most natural choice for me, as I was looking for a career which encompasses exposure to both the financial and public sectors, and offers me an opportunity to be a mover.”

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 Lee Su Fen, Scholar, 2005, Specialist Risk Department

 "I have always felt strongly about pursuing a public service career.  To me, it is a way of bringing purpose into my life and giving back to society.  Although I had little clue as to what economics and finance were about at the age of 18, the MAS undergraduate scholarship was my top choice as I saw the world of finance as an exciting field with a vast array of opportunities."

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