Mid Career Professionals


Jane Teo, Mid-career Professional, 2010, Banking Department

I started my career in an international audit firm specializing in banking assignments before moving on to join the banking industry as a regional internal auditor. After about a decade in audit, I was ready for new challenges. It was at this time that I was apprised of a career opportunity at MAS which excited me given the changing regulatory landscape subsequent to the global financial crisis. What could be more fulfilling than to be in the team that will help shape the banking industry of tomorrow?

Settling into MAS has been a breeze with good support provided by my team mates, who quickly brought me up to speed on the regulatory developments and the various supervisory issues. The working environment in MAS has been the most conducive in my career thus far; colleagues are willing to go the extra mile to provide support for each other, and to share experience and knowledge. Bosses are encouraging, and one of their top priorities is the ongoing development of their people through relevant exposure, appropriate guidance and suitable training opportunities.

My journey thus far has been very rewarding. Regular engagements with senior global bank management have given me valuable insights into industry developments and the unique issues that their banks faced, which broadened my perspectives. Interactions with other regulators during bilateral meetings and regional conferences enhanced my knowledge of the regulatory developments in other jurisdictions, and the challenges they face in their policy implementation. Further, onsite inspection allowed me to thoroughly examine the bolts and nuts of the various banks’ risk management systems and stay abreast of developing risk management practices.

A supervisor of mine once said “Work in MAS is never static” and how true is that! The banking industry is currently undergoing a series of regulatory reforms; keeping pace with these global developments and the impact on the banks we supervise has indeed been demanding. As banking supervisors, we are constantly faced with new regulatory issues, and it is always interesting (and of course also challenging) to balance new bank initiatives with prudential considerations.

Life is a journey of learning. Being in MAS has certainly allowed me to embark on a journey of continual learning, and it is this sense of professional development that keeps me going as an individual.

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Goh Soo Hui, Mid-Career Professional, 2006, Banking Department

I started my career in an international audit firm and subsequently joined the internal audit department of a foreign bank. Having been in an audit-related field for almost 10 years, I was looking for new challenges.

In my search for new challenges, MAS comes across as an attractive choice on two aspects. Firstly, it provides opportunities for me to build on my existing knowledge. Secondly, I look forward to the challenges in being part of an organization that is at the forefront of Singapore’s financial industry and plays a pivotal role in building Singapore as a reputable international financial hub.

My experience with MAS has been very fruitful so far. The nature of my work requires me to be frequently onsite at different banks. Through such onsite visits, I have the opportunity to deal with banks’ management and gain in-depth knowledge of their business and work practices. In addition, I have to constantly adapt to different work environments and interact with people from different cultures. Each assignment has been a great learning experience.

A unique experience was the participation in a seminar for regional central banks and regulatory agencies. The interaction I had with central bankers and regulatory agencies from other countries including those rapidly growing economies in Asia such as India and China were very enriching and insightful.

MAS is willing to invest in its people. There are many external and internal courses designed to help staff develop their technical knowledge as well as soft skills. Other than formal courses, MAS often invites experienced bankers to share knowledge with staff. There is also on-the-job training under the guidance of experienced staff. I have benefited from these learning and development experiences.

Colleagues across all levels are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Bosses also encourage sharing of ideas to improve and innovate continually. This culture of openness makes MAS an enjoyable place to work in.

I appreciate that MAS emphasizes on teamwork and the notion that more can be achieved as a team. This has encouraged sharing and cooperation among colleagues that created a friendly environment to work in.

As my past experiences were relevant to the job scope in MAS, I am able to adapt quickly and cope with the challenges that come with this new appointment. Having gained the trust of bosses, I am given the autonomy to work independently and also gradually assigned heavier responsibility in the team.

With MAS, I am learning new things everyday and I believe the exposure will be useful for my career development.


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