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I first learned about the MAS summer internship program 2015 during my spring semester earlier this year. Studying a degree in international trade during my penultimate year, has  propelled me into looking for an internship, that will give me an opportunity to put myself on the forefront in dealing with the dynamic nature of Singapore’s financial industry. Nonetheless, having heard reviews that there was a slim probability of attaining an internship with MAS from friends and families, I was uncertain of my chances.

However, my attempt to apply at MAS has unequivocally resonated with my experiences during my college days. I recall a quote by Wayne Douglas Gretzky, cited by a very influential academic adviser: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. After much deliberation, I decided to give my application a shot.

Being accepted into MAS as an intern was an invaluable experience but yet, a challenging one. The Markets Policy & Infrastructure Department (MPI) that I was attached to gave me the opportunity to develop and expand my skillset independently, along with a considerable balance of supervision and guidance by my mentors and colleagues. This guaranteed my progress as an intern, but at the same time, nurtured me with the ability to work towards my aspirations in the financial sector.

During my 10 weeks of internship, I was fortunate to hold ownership and responsibilities of drafting regulatory proposals and reports that were inventive, yet original through independent research assignments and ample discussions with my mentors. Other roles in MPI also included the comparison of legislations and regulatory frameworks of various jurisdictions around the world. This brought me to realize the paramount responsibilities that MAS has, as Singapore’s financial regulator.

However, the most indelible memories, was definitely the friendships that were forged between my colleagues and fellow interns. The embracing culture of MAS has enabled me to work comfortably and yet effectively as an amateur intern. Moreover, I was also given opportunities to network with graduate officers from other departments that has not only broaden my perspective of MAS as a regulator, but reveal  that the embodiment of an embracing culture in MAS, is not just within MPI, but true across all departments.

In short, having this experience under my belt has undeniably allowed me to look at the broader picture of this industry, and understand how several drivers and factors affect the financial sector of Singapore. I am certainly glad that I had taken the shot in applying to MAS despite the uncertainties that I faced at the beginning. My experience here in MAS, is absolutely unforgettable, and invaluable!

Eunice Sim, Intern, 2015, Markets Policy & Infrastructure

During my 3rd year of study, I was looking for an internship which would provide me insight into the financial markets. After considering several internship opportunities, I chose MAS. The reason for my choice is because I felt that MAS internship would allow me to learn more about the financial markets from the regulator’s point of view and contribute, however small or indirectly, to the betterment of the financial markets in Singapore and this is a unique aspect which stands out from the other internship opportunities under consideration. Looking back, my choice couldn’t have been more right.

I was grateful that I could be part of a project which not only puts my technical knowledge to good use but also provided me with the opportunity to learn from the senior officers of MAS, market participants from various financial institutions and even foreign central bankers. I felt that the work I was doing was meaningful and the exposures that I had were way more than what I had envisaged.

While working on the project, I was given the right balance of independence and guidance. The team working on this project was ever-ready to provide guidance whenever I needed help and kept the right amount of room for me to apply my skills in data analytics. Furthermore, I was actively involved in the team’s discussion and it gave me insight into the considerations that central bankers have when implementing changes to the existing framework. In addition, I had several opportunities to take sit in for the meetings with banks and financial institutions; these exposures were invaluable as the industry veterans shared their opinions and even their understanding of global market trends which they accumulated through years of experience in the industry. The icing on the cake was the fact that I even had the chance to learn the insights from foreign central banks.

The working environment in my department is one which can be described as nurturing and friendly. All of my colleagues were very approachable, warm, friendly and fun-loving. Hence, even with the hectic and dynamic nature of their work, the office is never devoid of smiles and laughter.

Apart from work, MAS offers a myriad of opportunities for team-building and bonding among MAS staff including interns. I was fortunate to be able to partake in MAS carnival, DnD as well as the inter-department retreat for my department and Reserve Management Department. I enjoyed all of the aforementioned events as it really felt like a gathering for family and friends.

To sum it up, my MAS internship experience was fulfilling, exciting and unforgettable.

Ang Si Han, Intern, 2015, Monetary & Domestic Markets Management

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