My Money Seminar (1 July 2017)

全球经济和市场发展趋势将如何影响您的投资组合?在当今市场上,债券仍是有吸引力的投资产品吗? 在不同的人生阶段,个人退休策略也应做出相应的调整。该如何对整体退休投资组合进行再平衡呢?怎么避免掉入诈骗陷阱或沦为投资骗局的受害者呢?

参加My Money 系列讲座学习如何明智投资,规划退休。席位有限,即刻拨 6227 2683 或 登入网址 报名参加。

Find out how economic and market developments will impact your investment portfolio. Is bond still an attractive investment product in today’s market? How will an individual’s retirement strategy change as one moves through different life’s stages? What are the common red flags to identify investment scams and how to avoid falling prey to phishing and phone scams?

Join us at our next Mandarin seminar on 1 July at NTUC Auditorium. Register now at or call 6227 2683.

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