World Investment Week in Singapore (2018)


Feeling concerned that you are spending virtually your entire pay check every month? Or conversely, wondering what to do with all the cash you have saved up sitting idle in your bank account?

Perhaps you want to be one of those determined to take fate in your own hands and plan ahead for your retirement.

These are some common scenarios that spur people to start investing – to accumulate wealth, preserve savings, or build up for retirement. But for many, the investment journey – from the time you start out, practically persisting throughout your investing life – is fraught with doubts and questions, all because you will always wonder: “Am I doing the right thing? Is there a better way I don’t know about? Can I do more with my money?”

You may be overwhelmed by the options out there for investing and delaying dipping your toes in. Or you may not be investing in the right products to meet your financial goals in a timely manner. Worse, all your best laid plans may be foiled by a bad bet on loss-making schemes.

To get to where you want to go in your investment journey, you need to make sound decisions. But the confidence that you are comes from knowledge, and learning from experience – preferably others’.

This principle applies not just to those who are fresh to investing, since new developments keep on coming in the financial sector.

Take those who are new to investing. Besides basics, such as working out a detailed financial plan with a clear understanding of your risk appetite and goals, they frequently wonder how they should compare products to invest in, or react when market conditions change.

Concepts like portfolio diversification, and dollar-cost averaging can also be vague to newbies.

Even for old hands, the lure of exciting new products or services may sometimes cloud their judgement. For instance, how should one take to robo-advisers? Or how about new digital financial services, where consumers can buy insurance online, or invest through P2P platforms?

The promise of doing more with less, such as through leveraged investing, often seizes investors, who run the risk of jumping in without weighing the consequences if things go badly.

Then, there are opportunities that appear too lucrative to pass up on.

Cryptocurrencies is one example. They emerged about a decade ago but only floated into the mass market’s consciousness in the last couple of years because of eye-popping spikes in prices.

Eager not to miss the boat, many rushed in, overlooking their ignorance, or at least patchy understanding of blockchain technology and ICOs.

Investing, ultimately, requires discipline. More so if your main aim is to build up a retirement nest egg.

To help retail investors learn more about the dos and don’ts of investing, MoneySENSE, together with partners, is organising World Investor Week in Singapore (WIWS) for the second year running.

Held from Oct 4 to 12, the year’s WIWS features seminars on a range of topics, on which retail investors can pose questions to experts from financial institutions and industry associations.

  • Oct 4, 7pm – Investing with confidence
  • Oct 6, 12noon – Digital financial services and you
  • Oct 11, 7pm – Is the deal too good to be true?
  • Oct 12, 7pm – Leveraged investing

To register for WIWS, please visit