World Investor Week in Singapore










New to investing? Or have invested before, but want to do more?

Join us for the World Investor Week in Singapore: Investing with Confidence interactive panel discussions to learn how you can invest with confidence!

We have lined up 4 sessions over 2-6 October at the SGX Auditorium, each with a different theme:

  • Investing with confidence (2 Oct, 1:30PM) - Learn what the experts have to say about what we need to know about investing, ourselves and how to put all these into action.
  • How to be a better investor (4 Oct, 1:30PM) - What good habits should we have as investors? On the other hand, what bad habit must we keep in check?
  • Digital Financial Services and You (5 Oct, 6:30PM) - Technology is changing how we invest, trade, make payments and buy insurance. What are the benefits and what should we watch out for?
  • Developing your own market outlook (6 Oct, 630PM) - Learn about the data and indicators to track and how to make sense of them.

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