Consultation Papers

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Strengthening the Process for Determining SGS and MAS Bills Closing Prices

Consultation Paper closing date: 19 January 2018

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Proposed Payment Services Bill

Consultation Paper closing date: 08 January 2018

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Execution of Customers' Orders

Consultation Paper closing date: 18 December 2017

08 March 2006

Proposals for the Implementation of Basel II in Singapore - Phase 2

08 March 2006

Draft Regulations Pursuant to Payment Systems (Oversight) Act 2006

08 March 2006

Draft Stored Value Facility Guidelines

27 December 2005

Draft Deposit Insurance Agency Rules

21 December 2005

Recognition of Bilateral Netting for Capital Adequacy Purposes

15 December 2005

Review of Policy Owners' Protection Fund

07 December 2005

Review of Framework for Nomination of Beneficiaries

27 October 2005

Draft Deposit Insurance Regulations

27 September 2005

Acceptable Collateral And Contract For Differences

15 September 2005

Draft Appeals Regulations Pursuant to Securities and Futures Act Financial Advisers Act and Insurance Act

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