Consultation Papers

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Proposed Regulations to Enhance Resolution Regime for FIs in Singapore

Consultation Paper closing date: 16 August 2018

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Revisions to Misconduct Reporting Requirements and Proposals to Mandate Reference Checks for Representatives

Consultation Paper closing date: 06 August 2018

22 February 2005

Review of Participating Fund Business for Life Insurers

28 January 2005

Draft Deposit Insurance Bill

26 January 2005

Draft Regulations and Guidelines Pursuant to the SFA and FAA

14 January 2005

Amendments to Section 29 of the Banking Act

14 January 2005

An Asset Maintenance Framework for Foreign Banks

03 January 2005

Draft Notice on Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering The Financing of Terrorism

23 December 2004

Draft Payment Systems (Oversight) Bill

28 October 2004

Public Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre

08 September 2004

IRB Approach Asset Class Definitions and Size Limits

26 August 2004

Proposed Changes to Risk-Based Capital Requirements and Conduct of Business Limits for Securities Financing Activities

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