Registration of Interest for Framing of SG50 Notes


1 This Registration of Interest (ROI) provides:

  • An opportunity for vendors to participate in the design of frames and provide framing services to the public for the display of the SG50 commemorative currency notes;
  • The Authority may request samples from vendors for further assessment;  
  • Guidelines on how to respond to this ROI.


2   The Monetary Authority of Singapore (Authority) will be launching a set of SG50 commemorative currency notes, comprising one $50 note and five $10 notes. As mentioned by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Parliament in April, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew will be featured on the S$50 commemorative note. The five S$10 notes will share a common front design with five different back designs. The commemorative notes capture the significant achievements in Singapore’s history, and the values and aspirations that underpin the country’s progress. Members of the Public will be informed of the selected vendors, designs and prices via the official websites of MAS and SG50. Those who wish to avail themselves of the framing services will engage the vendors directly. The Authority will also provide this information via a press release during the launch of the notes.

Specific Expectations

3   The Authority has specific expectations for vendors in this ROI. These expectations will form part of the evaluation:

  • Variety of frame designs and materials for the public to choose from;
  • Affordability;
  • Accessibility of the framing outlets or places of business of the vendor;
  • Frames must be available by the end of August 2015.

Requirement Specifications

4   Design

  • Frames that are able to hold eight notes, two S$50 notes (showing front and back designs, size: 157mm x 74mm) and six S$10 notes (showing one front and five back designs, size: 141mm x 69mm) for display on the wall;
  • Any other configurations proposed by vendors that are able to achieve the same outcome.

5   Material

  • Material used must be durable and made of wood or metal or any suitable material for framing. Frames must have a layer of thin glass or acrylic to protect the notes from scratches, spills, or anything that might cause damage to the notes; 

Evaluation Criteria

6   Evaluation of proposals will be based on the specific expectations and requirement specifications mentioned above.

7   In addition, the Authority will evaluate the proposals based on the credibility, capability and capacity of your company. Specific criteria include knowledge skills, experience in relation to large quantity order, flexibility and responsiveness to ensure orders are fulfilled promptly.

General Conditions of this ROI

8   The issue of and response to this ROI does not create any obligation on the Authority to enter into any commitment to accept any proposal. The Authority reserves the right at all times to decide not to proceed or select any responses and may select such portion of each proposal as the Authority may decide.

9   The Authority has used reasonable efforts in compiling the ROI and will not be liable for any inaccuracy or omission in this request or any additional information that the Authority may provide.

10   The Authority shall not enter into correspondence with any vendor regarding the reasons for not selecting a proposal.

11   The Authority may request samples from vendors. All costs in providing and delivering such samples to the Authority shall be borne by the vendor. The Authority is not obliged to return any samples to the vendor. Notwithstanding the above, risk of loss or damage to the samples shall at all times remain with the vendor.

12   The Authority will not be liable (in contract or tort, including negligence) for any direct or indirect damage, loss or cost (including legal cost) to any vendor or other person in respect of this process. 

13   Members of the public will enter into a sales contract with any one of the vendors (or more) if they wish to avail themselves of the framing services. The Authority is not a party to the contracts. However, if any member of the public makes a claim against the Authority as a result of a vendor’s breach of the sales contract (entered between that member of the public and that vendor), that vendor shall keep the Authority indemnified from and against any such claims. If a vendor’s proposal is accepted by the Authority, the vendor shall sign an undertaking to indemnify the Authority.

14   Except with the consent in writing of the Authority, the vendor shall not disclose any specifications, plans, drawings, patterns, samples or information issued by the Authority to any third party other than the vendor’s employees and agents.

15   All documents submitted by the vendor shall become the property of the Authority. However, any intellectual property in the information contained in the proposal submitted by the vendor shall remain vested in the vendor.

ROI Responses

16   All proposals must be received by 3:00pm, on the closing date of 3 August 2015 (Monday). The Authority may, at its discretion accept or reject any late submission from consideration.

17   In responding to this ROI, please complete Annex A (The Registration of Interest Form) together with the detailed drawings of the proposed frames and submit the proposal via the tender box situated in MAS Building at 10 Shenton Way, Singapore 079117.

18   Any enquiry in respect of this ROI is to be in writing and sent to the below mentioned via email.

a. Ms Eunice Lee Telephone: 6229 8932
Email address:

b. Mr Eric Lee Telephone: 6229 9589
Email address: 

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