Monographs and Information Papers

MAS Information Papers highlight key trends, developments or practices in the financial sector.  The papers are not prescriptive in nature; the objective is to help disseminate information and enhance understanding of current issues. 

MAS' Monographs are detailed discussions of specialised subjects such as financial sector regulation and monetary policy operations in Singapore's context. 



  • 01 April 2007

    MAS Framework for Impact and Risk Assessment of Financial Institutions

    This monograph provides information on one of MAS’ key functions - the risk-based supervision of financial institutions.

  • 01 April 2004

    Objectives and Principles of Financial Sector Oversight in Singapore, April 2004

    The monograph spells out MAS' objectives in overseeing the financial sector, the functions it performs, and the principles that guide its supervisory approach. A key theme of the monograph is that all stakeholders have a shared responsibility to achieve a sound and progressive financial services sector.

  • 01 February 2001

    Singapore's Exchange Rate Policy, Feb 2001

    This paper examines Singapore's experience with the exchange-rate based monetary policy system since its adoption in the early 1980s. It discuss the movements in the Singapore dollar exchange rate over the past two decades, and considers how the system has minimised the disruptive effects of the large swings in the currencies of the industrialised countries.

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