Application Procedures to Set Up a Representative Office

Application Procedures

Prospective applicants interested to set up a representative office are encouraged to contact Banking Department of MAS at an early stage to discuss their plans prior to submitting a formal application. Preliminary consultation with a prospective applicant enables MAS to identify issues that may have a significant bearing on the proposed application.

All applications will be promptly processed by MAS. The processing time depends on the circumstances of each application and the completeness of information submitted by the applicant to MAS.

MAS will evaluate the merits of each application on a case-by-case basis when considering whether to register a representative office. The registration of a representative office does not imply that the applicant will qualify for a banking licence in future.

A representative office is not allowed to transact any banking, securities or any other business in Singapore. A representative office may carry out liaison work, market research or feasibility studies. 

For further clarification or enquiry on the establishment of representative offices, please contact

Please refer to the document below on the application to set up Representative Office.


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Last Modified on 24/01/2018