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01 Jan 2019 FAA-G16 Guidelines on Applications for Approval of Arrangements under Regulation 32CB of the Financial Advisers Regulations (Rg 2) [Guideline No. FAA-G16]Guidelines
23 Oct 2018 FAA-G06 Guidelines on Applications for Approval of Arrangements under Paragraph 11 of the First Schedule of the Financial Advisers Act [Guideline No. FAA-G06]Guidelines
08 Oct 2018 CMG-G02 Guidelines on Provision of Digital Advisory Services [CMG-G02]Guidelines
08 Oct 2018 FAA-G10 Guidelines on Switching of Designated Investment Products [Guideline No. FAA-G10]Guidelines
08 Oct 2018 FAA-G13 Guidelines on Addressing Conflicts of Interest arising from Issuing or Promulgating Research Analyses or Research Reports [FAA-G13]Guidelines
08 Oct 2018 FAA-G08 Guidelines for Conduct of Business for Execution-Related Advice [Guideline No. FAA-G08]Guidelines
08 Oct 2018 FSG-G01 Guidelines on Fit and Proper Criteria [Guideline No. FSG-G01]Guidelines
08 Oct 2018 CMG-G01 Guidelines on Licence Applications Representative Notification and Payment of Fees [Guideline No. CMG-G01]Guidelines
29 Jun 2018 FAA-G15 Guidelines on the Online Distribution of Life Policies With No Advice [Guideline No. FAA-G15]Guidelines
23 Dec 2016 Guidelines on Standards of Conduct for Marketing and Distribution Activities [Guideline No. FSG-G02]Guidelines
31 Dec 2015 FAA-G14 Guidelines on the Remuneration Framework for Representatives and Supervisors ("Balanced Scorecard Framework"), Reference Checks and Pre-Transaction Checks [Guideline No. FAA-G14]Guidelines
30 Nov 2015 FAA-N06 Guidelines to MAS Notice FAA-N06 on Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of TerrorismGuidelines
20 Feb 2013 FAA-G11 Guidelines on Fair Dealing - Board and Senior Management Responsibilities for Delivering Fair Dealing Outcomes to CustomersGuidelines
06 Sep 2011 - Guidelines for Financial Institutions to Safeguard the Integrity of Singapore's Financial SystemGuidelines
26 Nov 2010 FAA-G04 Guidelines on Standards of Conduct for Financial Advisers and Representatives [Guideline No FAA-G04]Guidelines

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