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Date Title
29 Jan 2013 ID07/13 Response to Feedback on Consultation on Proposed Revision to the Definition of "Singapore Policy" and "Trade Credit Insurer"Insurance Companies
23 Jan 2013 ID04/13 Issue of Amendments to Notices on Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of TerrorismInsurance Companies
23 Jan 2013 ID03/13 Issue of Notices on Reporting of Suspicious Activities and Incidents of FraudInsurance Companies
30 Dec 2004 ID 4/04 Cash Rebates Offered for Housing LoansInsurance Companies
31 Dec 2013 ID 39/13 Cancellation of MAS Notice 104 and MAS Notice 317Insurance Companies
30 Dec 2013 ID 38/13 Insurance (Accounts and Statements) Regulations 2004; Insurance (Lloyd's Asia Scheme) Regulations; Insurance (General Provisions and Exemptions for Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicles) Regulations 2008Insurance Companies
23 Dec 2013 ID 37/13 Amendment of First Schedule to the Insurance Act (Chapter 142)Insurance Companies
30 Sep 2013 ID 34/13 Amendment to MAS 302Insurance Companies
25 Jul 2013 ID 30/13 Response to Consultation on Settlement Options in Life PoliciesInsurance Companies
30 Dec 2010 ID 29/10 Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Insurance Act (Cap. 142)Insurance Companies
30 Dec 2010 ID 28/10 Consultation on Deposit Insurance and Policy Owners' Protection SchemeInsurance Companies
31 Dec 2015 ID 27/15 Cancellation and Re-issuance of MAS Notice 322Insurance Companies
31 Dec 2012 ID 27/12 Revision of MAS Notice 211Insurance Companies
31 Dec 2015 ID 26/15 Legislation and Legislative Amendments to effect the Policy Proposals under the Financial Advisory Industry Review (“FAIR”)Insurance Companies
26 Jun 2013 ID 26/13 Approval of External AuditorsInsurance Companies

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