Capital Markets

A key aspect of Singapore’s financial centre is its deep and liquid capital markets.

Debt Capital Markets

Singapore’s bond market has grown in depth and breadth over the past decade. With an extensive range of both Singapore government securities and foreign corporate bonds available, Singapore offers fixed income investors a wide range of investment opportunities. Bond offerings with a lower minimum subscription size and tradable on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) are also available for the retail market. You may refer to the Singapore Corporate Debt Market Survey or the SGS website  for more details

Equity Capital Markets

As one of the well-established capital markets in Asia-Pacific, SGX is the preferred listing location for close to 800 companies. One of the unique characteristics for our equity capital markets is the large proportion of foreign listings on SGX. About 40% of SGX’s listings are foreign companies, spanning regions such as Asia Pacific, particularly in South East Asia, and further afield in Europe and America. There are strong listings in diverse sectors such as real estate, shipping and offshore marine and infrastructure. Singapore is the largest REIT market in Asia ex-Japan and there are an extensive offering of business trust listings on SGX of shipping, aviation and infrastructure assets. Find out more at the SGX website

Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange (FX) and OTC derivatives market plays a pivotal role in Singapore’s vibrant and international financial markets, underpinned by Singapore’s growth as a major global trading and treasury hub. Singapore houses the major global FX dealers and offers a deep and liquid market for trading and hedging of G10 currencies, as well as Asian emerging market currencies. According to the latest 2016 Triennial survey by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the average daily FX turnover volume in Singapore was US$517 billion in April 2016. This ranked Singapore as the third largest FX centre globally and the largest FX centre in Asia Pacific. From the 2016 Triennial BIS survey, Singapore was also ranked the second largest OTC interest rate derivatives centre in Asia Pacific by trading volume. This underscores Singapore's leading position as an international financial centre and a major treasury centre in the region.
Please refer to the BIS survey for more details.

Last Modified on 18/05/2018