Organisational Initiatives


Facilitating Individual Growth and Building Organisational Strength
Our Human Resource initiatives are aligned with MAS’ strategic objectives and priorities of giving our people the necessary knowledge, expertise and attitude to meet the challenges ahead. We place great emphasis on building and nurturing an engaged and high performing workforce.

Last year, 3% of our senior officers were attached to leading financial institutions and regulators overseas. This allowed them to keep abreast of best practices, sharpen their supervisory skills and gain a better understanding of commercial issues affecting Singapore’s financial sector. Senior officers were also given opportunity to actively participate and contribute in international fora and inter-agency workshops to keep up with evolving best practices in central banking and financial supervision.

MAS makes significant investments in our people in order to build expertise relevant to the organisation’s current and future needs. As part of our structured training programme, we have put in place the use of competency-based functional training roadmaps for all departments. In the area of general development, we continued to develop leadership skills for all levels of staff. Employee training last year was equivalent to 4% of the annual payroll.

Looking ahead, we will continue to introduce initiatives aimed at developing our people to meet the challenges and changes in the industry and build an environment in which everyone is fully involved in MAS’ mission.