Monetary Authority of Singapore Annual Report 2011/2012
Our Partners

Partnership with Academia

Since 2009, MAS has sponsored the Term Professorship in Economics and Finance at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The professorship programme aims to enhance Singapore's financial and economic research infrastructure and contribute to a vibrant research community and culture at local universities. In September 2011, Professor Michael Spence (2001 Nobel Laureate in economic science) visited MAS and NUS on the second leg of his appointment as Term Professor. During his visit here, Professor Spence delivered a public lecture titled "Growth in Emerging Economies and the Next Global Convergence", which explored his proposals on how to sustain the pace of development in emerging market economies. He also shared his insights on the global economy with members of the MAS Board, MAS economists, and the university. In February 2012, MAS and NUS welcomed Professor Michael Brennan of the Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA. Professor Brennan was the first Term Professor specialising in finance. He delivered a public lecture on “Asymmetry in the Pricing of (Il)liquidity”, and also taught several technical seminars in finance at the NUS. In addition, he spent time meeting with NUS faculty and students, advising on their research.

MAS hosted other academics under its Eminent Visitor Programme during the year. Professor Paul Mizen of the University of Nottingham visited in June 2011. He exchanged views with MAS staff on monetary policy frameworks, and delivered several in-house lectures on monetary policy formulation in an environment of very low interest rates. The Economic Policy Group consulted with Professor Ilian Mihov (INSEAD Singapore) on research projects, while Professor Frank Warnock (University of Virginia), Professor Kristin Forbes (MIT), as well as Professor Jeffrey Frankel (Harvard University), contributed special feature articles to the Group's Macroeconomic Review, on topics such as global capital flows and product price targeting.

Professor Michael Spence delivered a public lecture titled "Growth in Emerging Economies and the Next Global Convergence"