2013 marked 10 years of MoneySENSE providing financial education to Singaporeans to help them build financial capabilities and make informed financial decisions. Since its launch in 2003, MoneySENSE has reached out to many Singaporeans through a multitude of channels including schools, tertiary institutions, workplace talks, community events, public seminars as well as the mass and social media.

MoneySENSE for the Young
MoneySENSE supported the Ministry of Education (MOE)'s move to incorporate financial literacy in the Food and Consumer Education (FCE) syllabus for all lower secondary students. MoneySENSE worked closely with the MOE and National Institute of Education to equip teachers with the pedagogical skills and knowledge needed to deliver the FCE syllabus. Helping students form the right values and attitudes towards saving and spending when young will better prepare them for future financial challenges.

MoneySENSE also lent its support to the National Cashflow Competition (NCF) 2014 organised by the Nanyang Technological University Investment Interactive Club. The NCF 2014 seeks to promote understanding of basic financial concepts to secondary and tertiary students, as well as undergraduates and members of the public, through the use of board games and social media. Prior to the competition, training sessions were held at regional libraries to equip participants with basic financial knowledge. Through these platforms, NCF 2014 achieved a total outreach of 50,400 and was an interactive and engaging way of imparting financial knowledge to the young. This initiative complements other existing MoneySENSE programmes for the young including skits and financial literacy workshops for primary and secondary students as well as competitions for tertiary students such as the NUS-National Economics and Financial Management Quiz.

Equipping Social Workers in Financial Literacy
The MoneySENSE-Singapore Polytechnic Institute for Financial Literacy (IFL) embarked on its first train-the-trainer workshop for social workers in September 2013. The workshop was designed to equip social workers with the knowledge and skills to help Singaporeans apply useful tools on basic money management in their daily lives. The feedback from the pilot session enabled the IFL to fine-tune the programme such as incorporating more case studies so that social workers can apply what they have learnt to real-life situations.

As a next step, the IFL will be conducting full-day workshops for the Social Service Office Division Officers from the Ministry of Social and Family Development to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to better help Singaporeans seeking their assistance.