Developing strong leaders in MAS is key to sustaining our values and culture, and in driving high performance within the organisation. As a multi-faceted knowledge-based organisation, strong leadership capabilities as well as deep specialist skills are important. To emphasise the importance of building specialisations and to strengthen the career prospects for staff, MAS has introduced Specialist Leader initiatives. Specialist Leaders will provide technical advice across MAS departments, lead projects and represent MAS at international technical meetings. They will be mentors to younger staff in their areas of expertise. Seven pioneer Specialist Leaders were appointed in April 2014 in the areas of Economics and International Finance, Banking Supervision, AML and CFT Supervision, Financial Markets Infrastructure, Enforcement and Investigation, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Presently, MAS has two in-house milestone development programmes. The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a development programme offered to officers at an early-stage of their career to help them acquire skills in influencing, communications, effective feedback giving and in strengthening collaboration in the workplace. The 10th YPP run was conducted in 2013 with 24 participants. The People Leadership Programme (PLP) is the next milestone programme designed for new Team Leads to equip them with the people-centric leadership skills needed for their roles. These include self-awareness, situational leadership, conflict management and building high performance teams. The PLP is into its fifth year with 30 leaders trained in 2013. MAS will develop a third milestone programme targeted at Division Heads and Specialist Leaders, which will focus on areas such as leadership development, policy making and stakeholder engagement.

MAS also invests in equipping our supervisors with skills to effectively coach their team members for personal development and work performance. We are growing our internal pool of professionally trained and certified coaches. These coaches provide professional coaching to staff including those taking on leadership responsibilities for the first time.