Developing strong leaders in MAS is key to sustaining our values and culture, and driving high performance within the organisation. As a multi-faceted specialist organisation, MAS has development pathways to groom both specialist leaders and managerial leaders.

Presently, MAS has three in-house milestone development programmes. The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is a development programme offered to officers at an early stage of their careers to help them acquire skills in influencing, communications, giving effective feedback and strengthening workplace collaboration. The 14th YPP run was conducted in 2015.

The People Leadership Programme, which is into its 6th run, is a programme designed for new Team Leads to equip them with the people-centric leadership skills needed for their roles. These include self-awareness, situational leadership, conflict management and building high performance teams. A series of workshops was also held in 2014 for team leads and above to better manage teams on flexible work arrangements.

The third milestone programme is the MAS Management Programme (MMP). It is targeted at Division Heads and Specialist Leaders focusing on areas such as leadership development, policy formulation and stakeholder engagement. The MMP aims to help leaders appreciate MAS' role in the larger ecosystem of national governance. It also aims to develop our leaders' capabilities in leading through more self-awareness, with emphasis on developing people, who are MAS' highly valued assets.

MAS also invests in equipping our supervisors with skills to effectively coach their team members for personal development and work performance. We have grown our internal pool of professionally trained and certified coaches to 24. These coaches provide professional coaching to staff including those taking on leadership responsibilities for the first time.

Ms Teo Swee Lian, former MAS Special Advisor (second from right), interacting with Middle Management Programme participants during a leadership development activity on 19 March 2015

To further strengthen the culture of feedback, and allow leaders to regularly gain insights on their strengths and development areas, MAS commenced a roll-out of a 360 Leadership Survey for all its managers.