AML/CFT Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASEAN-4 ASEAN Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines
ASEAN+3 ASEAN plus China, Japan, South Korea
CNH China Offshore Spot
CNY Chinese Yuan
COE Certificate of Entitlement
CPI Consumer Price Index
EUR Euro
FinTech Financial Technology
FY Financial Year
G20 Group of Twenty
G3 Group of Three
GBP British Pound
GDP Gross Domestic Product
IMF International Monetary Fund
INR Indian Rupee
IT Information Technology
JPY Japanese Yen
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
q-o-q Quarter-on-Quarter
RMB Renminbi
S$/SGD Singapore Dollar
SGX Singapore Exchange
THB Thai Baht
SGX Singapore Exchange
y-o-y Year-on-Year
US$/USD United States Dollar