MoneySENSE, the national financial education programme, equips Singaporeans with the knowledge and capabilities to make informed financial decisions. The programme reaches out to people from all walks of life through different channels and strategies.

Educating the General Public
MoneySENSE continued to engage members of the public directly through talks, seminars, workshops and community events. We also ran advertorials in the newspapers, and worked with partners to deliver content through television and radio.

The MoneySENSE-Singapore Polytechnic Institute for Financial Literacy (IFL) conducted 840 talks and workshops in 2015, educating more than 26,000 participants on topics ranging from basic money management to retirement planning. Since its launch in 2012, the IFL has conducted over 2,400 talks and workshops that have benefitted close to 76,000 people.

An IFL workshop conducted in September 2015 for staff of the Health Sciences Authority, on how to manage CPF money for retirement

MoneySENSE engaged residents of MoulmeinKallang and Whampoa at the PAssionArts Festival in July 2015, and reached out to the public at the Council for Third Age's 50plus Expo in May 2015. Through such community events, we educated Singaporeans on issues such as prudent investing and retirement planning.

MoneySENSE reached out to members of the public at the PAssionArts Festival in July 2015

Empowering the Youth
As we continue to focus on the youth segment, we started the My Money @ Campus seminar series to reach out to tertiary students. The inaugural seminar was held at SMU on 21 October 2015 and attracted about 340 undergraduates. Mr Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS Group Holdings Ltd, shared his personal investment journey while other industry experts and academics shared tips on how to build an affordable portfolio.

My Money @ Campus seminar at SMU in October 2015. A dialogue with Mr Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS Group Holdings Ltd (right), moderated by Assistant Professor Aurobindo Ghosh from SMU (left)

The second My Money @ Campus seminar was held at NUS on 17 March 2016. About 380 students learned the importance of planning ahead and managing investment risks from Mr Michael Zink, Citi's Head of ASEAN and Country Officer for Singapore. Given the success of My Money @ Campus seminars, we intend to hold more editions at other universities and institutes of higher learning (IHLs) in the upcoming months.

My Money @ Campus seminar at NUS in March 2016. Mr Michael Zink, Citi's Head of ASEAN and Country Officer for Singapore, addressing the crowd

MoneySENSE also participated in several events organised by IHLs to educate their students on money management. We reached out to undergraduates at a financial literacy carnival organised by the NUS Students' Union in March 2015, and supported the MoneySENSE-Central Provident Fund Board Financial Literacy Week organised for Ngee Ann Polytechnic students in November 2015.

MoneySENSE utilised a gamification strategy to educate the young about personal finance in a fun and interactive way:

  • We worked with Nanyang Polytechnic and the National Council for Problem Gambling to organise the Singapore Games Creation Competition. More than 500 students from 50 secondary schools as well as the Institute of Technical Education created web-based games and mobile applications with important messages on spending money wisely and the dangers of gambling.
  • MoneySENSE partnered with Wellington Primary School to organise the National Primary Games Creation Competition. The theme of the competition was "A Community of Savvy Savers" and key messages in the games included identifying needs and wants. More than 400 pupils from 40 primary schools took part in the competition.