Annual Report 2001/2002

Financial Services Development Fund (FSDF) - Building Talent & Infrastructure For Singapore's Financial Centre

Technology, innovation and competition have led to dynamic changes to financial centres worldwide. Talents and capabilities are becoming increasingly critical in this environment. In order to maintain its competitive advantage, Singapore needs to develop a pool of highly-skilled professionals who are at the forefront of their respective specialist areas.

The FSDF was set up to facilitate the manpower and capability development for Singapore’s financial sector. The following are two manpower development schemes supported under this Fund:

(a) The Financial Training Scheme
Under this scheme, the FSDF helps defray the costs incurred by financial institutions, companies engaged in significant financial activities or industry bodies/associations in providing relevant training to employees or member participants.

(b) The Training Infrastructure Enhancement Scheme (TIES)
The TIES aims to attract world-class financial training providers and corporate training centres to offer advanced or specialised financial
training programmes in Singapore through the setting up or expansion of training facilities here.

MAS launched a new Innovation in Financial Technology & Infrastructure Grant Scheme in late 2001, to encourage the development of electronic financial services and infrastructure in Singapore’s financial centre. As one of the initiatives supported under the FSDF, the scheme offers grants for qualifying costs incurred in the development of advanced e-finance technology and infrastructure in Singapore.

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