UI / UX Design

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eSubmit customer journey user research
Department Organisation Development and Communications Department (ODC)
Preferred internship window  Summer Internship: May to August 2022
Description of Project 1. eSubmit is a transactional web application for external organisations to submit documents to MAS. The app is already in beta. We are working on new features, putting customers' experience first.
2. You will work with product team to reach out to actual users of the app to get first hand feedback on their app experience.
3. You will find out how users collaborate with each other and track their work statuses. 4. Based on the feedback, you will propose design solutions to solve pain points and deliver value.
Expected deliverables for the project Customer journery map as-is and to-be for users collaborations/permissioning. Optional: dashboard experience on eSubmit vis-à-vis FI platform.
Experience and/or skills that the intern(s) may gain from the internship  Solving real-world problems through a rigorous UX research process
Pre-requisites preferred from the intern(s)  UI/UX design background
Other Job Functions  UI/UX, Stakeholder Management
Keywords related to the project Design thinking. UI/UX. Customer journey map. User interview. Usability testing.
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