Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR)

Read the safety practices when you use SGQR. Find out how you can resolve SGQR payment issues or to report fraud.

Safety Practices

Some safety practices that consumers should take to protect themselves include:

  1. Use correct payment apps to make payments when initiating the QR payment.
  2. Check that the merchant name displayed on their payment app matches with the merchants' name displayed above the SGQR label after scanning the SGQR code.
  3. Look out for an almost immediate payment notification after successful payment. Similarly, merchants should receive a notification as well.

Payment providers have in-built security features into their apps to help detect and prevent fraud payments to fake merchants.

How to resolve QR payment issues or to report fraud

What you can do if you encounter any issues with the SGQR payment:


  • App may allow cancellation for wrong transactions or partial refund
  • File incident report within your own payment app
  • File a report to merchant acquirer immediately

Should you suspect fraud, immediately report this to the relevant payment provider or bank.