Welcome to Careers @ MAS !

As the central bank and regulator of Singapore’s financial industry, MAS promotes sustained, non-inflationary economic growth and fosters the development of a sound and progressive financial centre. Our policies and initiatives must address the challenges presented in an ever-changing environment. Work at MAS promises not only challenges worthy of your intellectual abilities, but also the personal satisfaction that comes from building one of Asia’s premier financial hubs. We invite you to take up the challenge and make a difference to Singapore’s economic and financial development!


"The MAS is a unique institution – perhaps the only one of its kind in the world – combining under one roof the functions that are typically carried out by 3 or 4 different institutions in other countries.  As a central bank, MAS conducts monetary policy to secure a low rate of inflation which sustains economic growth.  As manager of the official foreign reserves, MAS preserves the purchasing power of our foreign assets.  As an integrated financial supervisor, MAS keeps our financial sector safe and sound amidst crisis and change.  As the promoter of the financial sector, MAS helps Singapore grow as a vibrant international financial centre.

We have been able to do all of this because of our people – a team of dynamic and talented officers.  They come from diverse backgrounds and professional disciplines but share a common drive to learn and to excel.  We invest heavily in our people, to bring out their best, to enable them to grow in their jobs and pursue their aspirations.  We have one of the strongest concentrations  of talented people in Singapore, which makes for a stimulating work environment.  Join us in MAS, to work together to build a sound economy and a resilient financial centre, and make a difference for Singapore."

Mr Ravi Menon, Managing Director of MAS

Last Modified on 03/01/2017