Monetary Policy Framework

Learn more about Singapore’s unique monetary policy framework.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Singapore’s Monetary Policy Framework

This set of FAQs provides a holistic introduction to key aspects of Singapore’s monetary policy framework.

Singapore's Exchange Rate-based Monetary Policy

 This article provides a brief introduction to Singapore's exchange rate-based monetary policy system, adopted since 1981.

Managed Floating and Intermediate Exchange Rate Systems: The Singapore Experience

This staff paper  (PDF, 234KB) examines the key characteristics of Singapore’s exchange rate-centred monetary policy; in particular, its managed float regime which incorporates key features of the basket, band and crawl system.

Singapore's Exchange Rate Policy

This monograph (PDF, 80KB) examines Singapore's experience with the exchange-rate based monetary policy system since its adoption in the early 1980s. It discuss the movements in the Singapore dollar exchange rate over the past two decades, and considers how the system has minimised the disruptive effects of the large swings in the currencies of the industrialised countries.

Monetary Policy Operations in Singapore

This monograph (PDF, 610KB) highlights the key aspects of MAS' monetary policy operations, viz. foreign exchange and money market operations, and the various factors and considerations underlying them.

Last Modified on 10/10/2018