MoneySENSE Outreach

Outreach (as at 10 November 2014)

1. MoneySENSE is a national financial education programme launched by Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, then Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the MAS on 16 October 2003.

2. MoneySENSE initiatives aim to equip Singaporeans with the basic knowledge and capabilities to perform four key activities in a prudent way:

• Manage their cash flow and live within their means

• Buy a home that they can afford

• Be financially prepared should unforeseen events like accidents and illnesses occur (providing for themselves and their dependants’ healthcare and other financial needs)

• Plan ahead and take steps to have sufficient income for life (including during retirement)

3. Since its launch, MoneySENSE has published over 279 educational articles in the media, organised talks, seminars and workshops that have attracted over 129,889 participants as well as issued 29 consumer guides with a total circulation exceeding 2.2 million.

4. MoneySENSE has also disseminated financial tips and messages in interesting ways such as through interactive games and activities at roadshows. In addition, MoneySENSE has commissioned three TV shows with over 2.3 million viewership and radio campaigns with total listenership exceeding 3.6 million.