Consultation Papers

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Review of Anti Commingling Framework For Banks

Consultation Paper closing date: 15 November 2017

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper I on Draft Notices and Guidelines Pursuant to the Securities and Futures Act

Consultation Paper closing date: 03 November 2017

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Changes to the Notification Requirements in relation to Representatives serving only Non-Retail Customers

Consultation Paper closing date: 27 October 2017

26 August 2004

Proposed Changes to Risk-Based Capital Requirements and Conduct of Business Limits for Securities Financing Activities

25 August 2004

IRB Approach Rollout &Exclusions

11 August 2004

Business Trusts Regulations

30 July 2004

IRB Approach Definition of Default

19 July 2004

Establishing a New Regulatory Framework for Trust Companies

16 July 2004

Capital Treatment for Private Equity and Venture Capital ("PEVC") Investments

30 June 2004

Guidelines on Investment and Voting Policies

24 June 2004

Draft Information Paper on Good Practices for Licensed Financial Advisers and Exempt Financial Advisers

14 June 2004

Draft Guidelines on Switching of Designated Investment Products

23 April 2004

Second Deposit Insurance

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