Consultation Papers

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Proposed Payment Services Regulations

Consultation Paper closing date: 10 May 2019

16 December 2002

Consultation Paper on Borrowing Guidelines for Property Funds

30 October 2002

Consultation Paper on Guidelines on Sound Risk Management Practices

21 August 2002

Consultation Paper on Proposed Legislation to Protect Payment and Settlement Systems

06 August 2002

Consultation Paper on Deposit Insurance Scheme

15 February 2002

Consultation Paper on Security Guidelines For Mobile Banking And Payments

25 January 2002

Industry Consultation on the Proposed Parts II and III of the Securities and Futures Regulations

24 August 2001

Consultation Paper Framework For The Investigation of Policy Liabilities for General Insurance Business

09 May 2001

Revision of The Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers

04 April 2001

Committee on Corporate Governance - Final Report and Code of Corporate Governance

21 March 2001

Consultation Papers on Proposed Securities and Futures Act and Financial Advisers Act

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