Consultation Papers

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Strengthening the Process for Determining SGS and MAS Bills Closing Prices

Consultation Paper closing date: 19 January 2018

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Proposed Payment Services Bill

Consultation Paper closing date: 08 January 2018

Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on Execution of Customers' Orders

Consultation Paper closing date: 18 December 2017

28 November 2003

The Proposed Risk-based Capital Framework for Insurance Business

17 November 2003

Regulating the Distribution of Traded Endowment and Life Policies

16 October 2003

Regulations for Authorised Reinsurers and Approved Insurers and Insurance Brokers

16 October 2003

Proposed Regulatory Framework for Accident & Health Insurance Business

25 September 2003

Amendments to the SFA and FAA

15 September 2003

Draft Guidelines on the Application of Section 339 (Extra-Territoriality) of the Securities and Futures Act

22 August 2003

Draft Guidelines for Valuation of Collective Investment Schemes

05 June 2003

Proposed Revisions to MAS Notices on Credit Files Grading and Provisioning

30 May 2003

Guidelines on Disclosure of Financial Information in Prospectuses

26 May 2003

Draft Insurance (Amendment) Bill 2003

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