Financial Advisers

Financial advisers are licensed and regulated under the Financial Advisers Act. They may provide the whole range of financial advisory services as specified in the Second Schedule of the Financial Advisers Act with the appropriate Financial Advisers licence. Currently, these services include advising others on investment products, issuance of research reports covering investment products, as well as arranging life policies for others.

 Individuals who are employed by the financial advisers to carry out such services are required to be representatives under the Financial Advisers Act.

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Date Title
26 Nov 2010 Guidelines on Structured Deposits [Guideline No. FAA-G09]Guidelines
26 Nov 2010 Guidelines on Standards of Conduct for Financial Advisers and Representatives [Guideline No FAA-G04]Guidelines
26 Nov 2010 Guidelines on Criteria for the Grant of a Financial Adviser's Licence [Guideline No. FAA-G01]Guidelines
26 Nov 2010 Guidelines for Exemption for Specialised Units serving High Net Worth Individuals under Section 100(2) of the Financial Advisers Act [Guideline No. FAA-G07]Guidelines
26 Nov 2010 Information Paper on Good Practices for Licensed and Exempt Financial AdvisersInformation Papers
26 Nov 2010 Notice on Reporting of Misconduct of Representatives by Financial Advisers [Notice No. FAA-N14]Notices
26 Nov 2010 Notice on Prohibited Representations Made by Persons Exempted under Regulation 27(1)(d) of the Financial Advisers Regulations (Rg 2) [Notice No. FAA-N10]Notices
26 Nov 2010 Notice on Entry Requirements of a Provisional Representative [Notice No. FAA-N12]Notices
26 Nov 2010 Notice on Appointment and Use of Introducers by Financial Advisers [Notice No. FAA-N02]Notices
24 Nov 2010 Financial Advisers (Amendment) Act (Commencement) Notification 2010Notifications
25 Oct 2010 Financial Advisers (Exemption from Requirement to hold Representative's Licence)(Revocation) Regulations 2010Regulations
26 Mar 2010 Financial Advisers (Appointment of Officers to Exercise Power to Grant Exemption) Notification 2010Notifications
13 Aug 2008 FAQs on Licensing Requirements under Financial Advisers ActFAQs
22 Aug 2007 Financial Advisers (Provisions for Persons and Matters Previously Regulated Under Commodity Trading Act) Regulations 2007 - Revoked on 8 Oct 2018Regulations
02 Jul 2007 MAS Notice FAA-N06 (Cancellation) 2007Notices

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