Financial Advisers

Financial advisers are licensed and regulated under the Financial Advisers Act. They may provide the whole range of financial advisory services as specified in the Second Schedule of the Financial Advisers Act with the appropriate Financial Advisers licence. Currently, these services include advising others on investment products, issuance of research reports covering investment products, marketing of any collective investment schemes, as well as arranging life policies for others.

 Individuals who are employed by the financial advisers to carry out such services are required to be representatives under the Financial Advisers Act.

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Date Title
29 Feb 2004 Financial Advisers (Transitional and Savings Provisions) RegulationsRegulations
18 Feb 2004 Notice on Inspection Powers [Notice No. FAA-N08]Notices
16 Jan 2004 FAQs on Examination Requirements (PDF, 102KB)FAQs
22 Dec 2003 Financial Advisers (Amendment) Act (Commencement) Notification 2003Notifications
16 Jun 2003 Financial Advisers (Appeal Advisory Panel) Notification 2003Notifications
01 Oct 2002 Financial Advisers (Commencement) (No.2) Notification 2002Notifications
01 Oct 2002 Financial Advisers (Insurance Broking Premium Accounts)(Transitional Savings Provisions) RegulationsRegulations
13 Jun 2002 Financial Advisers Act: Frequently Asked Questions - Timing Issues (PDF, 19.2KB)FAQs
05 Oct 2001 Financial Advisers Bill 2001: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 205KB)FAQs

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