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30 Aug 2018 System Training Video for Financial Institutions on the Use of the Corporations and Representatives System (CoRe) for the Submission of Representative Notifications to MASFAQs
12 Jun 2018 FAQs on Securities and Futures Act and Financial Advisers Act Activities Validation via the Data Validation Module in the Representative Notification System FAQs
12 Jun 2018 FAQs on Product DefinitionsFAQs
24 Nov 2017 FAQs on Financial Advisers Act, Financial Advisers Regulations, Notices and Guidelines (PDF, 594KB) FAQs
19 Apr 2017 FAQs on Spreading and Capping of Commission RulesFAQs
28 Nov 2016 FAQs on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) FrameworkFAQs
10 Jan 2014 FAQs on Minimum Entry and Examination RequirementsFAQs
06 Aug 2012 FAQs on Exempt PersonsFAQs
10 May 2012 FAQs on Section 6 of the Insurance Act and Section 33 of the Financial Advisers Act (PDF, 521KB)FAQs
26 Nov 2010 FAQ on Mutual Recognition of MAS and Thai SEC Product Knowledge Examinations (PDF, 83KB)FAQs
13 Aug 2008 FAQs on Licensing Requirements under Financial Advisers ActFAQs
16 Jan 2004 FAQs on Examination Requirements (PDF, 102KB)FAQs
13 Jun 2002 Financial Advisers Act: Frequently Asked Questions - Timing Issues (PDF, 19.2KB)FAQs
05 Oct 2001 Financial Advisers Bill 2001: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 205KB)FAQs

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