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Date Number Title
04 Jan 2019 FAA-N16 Notice on Recommendations on Investment Products [Notice No. FAA-N16]Notices
05 Oct 2018 FAA-N13 Notice on Minimum Entry and Examination Requirements for Representatives of Licensed Financial Advisers and Exempt Financial Advisers [Notice No. FAA-N13]Notices
05 Oct 2018 FAA-N03 Notice on Information to Clients and Product Information Disclosure [Notice No. FAA-N03]Notices
31 Dec 2015 FAA-N20 Notice on Requirements for the Remuneration Framework for Representatives and Supervisors ("Balanced Scorecard Framework") and Independent Sales Audit Unit [Notice No. FAA-N20]Notices
30 Nov 2015 FAA-N06 Notice to Financial Advisers on Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism [Notice No. FAA-N06]Notices
30 Mar 2015 FAA-N19 Notice on the Distribution of Direct Purchase Insurance Products [Notice No. FAA-N19]Notices
21 Jun 2013 FAA-N18 Notice on Technology Risk Management [Notice No. FAA-N18]Notices
23 Jan 2013 FAA-N17 Notice on Reporting of Suspicious Activities & Incidents of Fraud [Notice No. FAA-N17]Notices
19 Apr 2011 FAA-N15 Notice on the Cancellation Period of Unlisted Debentures [Notice No. FAA-N15]Notices
26 Nov 2010 FAA-N02 Notice on Appointment and Use of Introducers by Financial Advisers [Notice No. FAA-N02]Notices
26 Nov 2010 FAA-N14 Notice on Reporting of Misconduct of Representatives by Financial Advisers [Notice No. FAA-N14]Notices
26 Nov 2010 FAA-N12 Notice on Entry Requirements of a Provisional Representative [Notice No. FAA-N12]Notices
26 Nov 2010 FAA-N10 Notice on Prohibited Representations Made by Persons Exempted under Regulation 27(1)(d) of the Financial Advisers Regulations (Rg 2) [Notice No. FAA-N10]Notices
02 Jul 2007 FAA-N06 MAS Notice FAA-N06 (Cancellation) 2007Notices
02 Dec 2005 FAA-N11 Notice on Dual Currency Investments [Notice No. FAA-N11]Notices

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