Merchant Banks

Merchant banks are approved under the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act and their operations are governed by the Merchant Bank Directives. Their ACU operations are also subjected to the Banking Act.

Merchant Banks operate within the Guidelines for Operation of Merchant Banks. Their typical activities include corporate finance, underwriting of share and bond issues, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio investment management, management consultancy and other fee-based activities. Most merchant banks have, with MAS' approval, established ACUs to transact in the Asian Dollar Market. For the latest number of merchant banks in Singapore, please refer to this link to the Financial Institutions Directory.

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Date Title
18 Dec 1987 Directive 25 Conduct of BusinessDirectives
18 Dec 1987 Directive 24 DefinitionsDirectives
18 Dec 1987 Directive 23 Compliance and ApprovalDirectives
03 Mar 1999 Directive 33 Financial StatementsDirectives
20 Jan 2000 FSG 02/2000: Posting of Financial Product Information On Third Party Internet Websites [Cancelled with effect from 15 Mar 2004]Circulars
22 Jan 2003 BD 5/2003 : Lifting of Limits on Car LoansCirculars
19 Feb 2003 Notice 1108 Banking Secrecy Conditions for OutsourcingNotices
04 Jul 2003 RMD Cir No. 34/03: MAS Notice 1104 - Weekly Report on S$ TransactionsCirculars
04 Jul 2003 Notice 1104 Weekly Report on S$ TransactionsNotices
01 Mar 2004 Notice 1110 Negotiable Certificates of DepositNotices
01 Mar 2004 Notice 1009 Withholding Tax on NCDs Denominated in Foreign Currencies [Cancelled with effect from 1 Mar 2004]Notices
01 Mar 2004 Notice 1008 Authorised DepositoriesNotices
28 May 2004 RMD Cir No. 26/04: MAS Notice 1105 - Lending of Singapore Dollar to Non-Resident of Financial InstitutionsCirculars
28 May 2004 Notice 1105 Lending of Singapore Dollar to Non-Resident Financial InstitutionsNotices
30 Dec 2004 BD Cir 14/2004 : Cash Rebates Offered for Housing LoansCirculars

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