Merchant Banks

Merchant banks are approved under the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act and their operations are governed by the Merchant Bank Directives. Their ACU operations are also subjected to the Banking Act.

Merchant Banks operate within the Guidelines for Operation of Merchant Banks. Their typical activities include corporate finance, underwriting of share and bond issues, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio investment management, management consultancy and other fee-based activities. Most merchant banks have, with MAS' approval, established ACUs to transact in the Asian Dollar Market. For the latest number of merchant banks in Singapore, please refer to this link to the Financial Institutions Directory.

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Date Title
25 May 1978 Notice 1103 Exchange Control LiberalisationNotices
16 Apr 1982 Notice 1101 Standardisation of Commercial Bills of ExchangeNotices
01 Nov 1985 Directive 8 Credit Facilities and LimitsDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 7 Credit Facilities to Directors, Related Corporations, etcDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 6 Information to be Furnished by Merchant BanksDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 4 Amendment of Merchant Bank's ConstitutionDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 3 Place of BusinessDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 22 IndemnityDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 21 General PenaltyDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 20 Disqualification of Directors and Employees of Merchant BanksDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 2 Changes in ShareholdersDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 19 Offences by Directors, Employees and AgentsDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 18 Offences by Directors and Chief Executives of Merchant BanksDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 17 Declaration of Bank HolidaysDirectives
01 Nov 1985 Directive 16 Power of the Authority to Aggregate the Assets or Liabilities of a Merchant Bank with its Related CorporationsDirectives

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