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Date Title
14 Nov 2017 A Guide to Digital Token OfferingsGuidelines
15 Oct 2004 Business Continuity Management GuidelinesGuidelines
06 Sep 2011 Guidelines for Financial Institutions to Safeguard the Integrity of Singapore's Financial SystemGuidelines
02 Apr 2013 Guidelines on Addressing Conflicts of Interest arising from a Related Corporation Issuing or Promulgating Research Analyses or Research Reports [SFA 04-G06] Guidelines
13 May 2011 Guidelines on Applications for Approval of Arrangements under Paragraph 9 of the Third Schedule to the Securities and Futures Act [Guideline No. SFA04-G03]Guidelines
12 Jul 2016 Guidelines on Criteria for the Grant of a Capital Markets Services Licence Other Than for Fund Management and Real Estate Investment Trust Management [Guideline No SFA04-G01]Guidelines
15 Oct 2005 Guidelines on Disclosure of Financial Information in ProspectusesGuidelines
15 Oct 2005 Guidelines on Disclosure of Financial Information in ProspectusesGuidelines
19 Mar 2007 Guidelines on Duty of Substantial Shareholders to Notify Securities Exchange [Cancelled with effect from 19 Nov 2012]Guidelines
03 Sep 2015 Guidelines on Fit and Proper Criteria [Guideline No. FSG-G01]Guidelines
07 Jul 2015 Guidelines on Good Drafting Practices for Prospectuses [Guideline No. SFA 13-G14]Guidelines
01 Nov 2016 Guidelines on Licence Applications, Representative Notification and Payment of Fees [Guideline No. CMG-G01]Guidelines
27 Nov 2017 Guidelines on Licensing, Registration and Conduct of Business for Fund Management Companies [Guideline No. SFA 04-G05]Guidelines
06 Dec 2016 Guidelines on Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared OTC Derivatives ContractsGuidelines
21 Oct 2010 Guidelines on Ongoing Disclosure Requirements for Unlisted Debentures [Guideline No. SFA 13-G11]Guidelines

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