ANNUAL REPORT 2002 / 2003



Building Capacity to Meet Challenges

Talent is the key resource at MAS, and during the year we added 76 people to our talent pool. Of these, 41 were professionals with the market experience and skills needed to deal with the increasingly complex and volatile financial markets. To meet longer term talent needs, MAS awarded 12 undergraduate scholarships.

Training is strongly emphasised as our aim is to create an environment that encourages lifelong learning for both individual growth and organisational strength. Some $2.0 million was spent on employee training during the year, equivalent to 2.6% of payroll.

Each member of the staff received, on average, 12 days of training, including attachments to financial institutions and supranational organisations. A few of our professional staff were awarded scholarships or professional development awards for postgraduate programmes at local and foreign universities, and 93 staff enrolled in part-time courses under our Educational Sponsorship Scheme.

Looking ahead, our focus will be on sharpening technical skills, especially in the areas of integrated supervision and financial surveillance. MAS will take a more systematic approach to functional training and implement a rigorous training syllabus for our officers. Partnership with industry will be strengthened through our external attachment programme.


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