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IT Systems . Ensuring Integrity and Quality in our IT Infrastructure and Security
IT Systems
As MAS expands its investment universe to include newer and more sophisticated products, a new integrated front, middle and back office system is being implemented for reserves and monetary management operations. The new system will bring about stronger and more timely management of investment and operational risks, improve data integrity and accuracy, and allow for more efficient processing and faster reportgeneration.

We embarked on the development of the next generation MAS Electronic Payment System Plus which will enable the industry to meet new commercial and regulatory challenges. MAS also continued to improve and develop internal IT systems to support risk-based supervision, surveillance and regulation of financial institutions.
Enhancing Risk-focused Supervisory Approach
Box 1 – Fostering a Sound and Progressive Financial Services Sector
Enhancing MAS’ Supervisory Capabilities
Box 2 – Stress Testing of Life Insurers
Box 3 – Streamlining Inspection Function
Thematic Inspections to Improve Surveillance