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Box Story 9: Finance Scholarship Programme and Doctorate Scholarship Programme

As the financial sector moves up the value chain and assumes more complex and sophisticated activities, we will need to develop a critical mass of specialists with cutting-edge capabilities to support the long-term growth of Singapore's financial services sector.

To meet the demand for such specialised skills, MAS launched two Financial Sector Development Scholarship Programmes to nurture a critical mass of financial specialists who can push new frontiers in high value-add areas such as financial engineering, risk management, actuarial science and economics.

The Finance Scholarship Programme (FSP) provides scholarships for selected candidates to pursue specialised Masters programmes in top local and foreign universities. Launched in June 2006, the FSP provides scholarships for company-sponsored scholars. MAS extended the FSP in November 2007 to cater to individuals, without company sponsorship. These individuals can be fresh graduates or working professionals working in or outside the financial sector. Upon graduation, FSP scholars will return to Singapore to contribute as highly skilled specialists in their respective fields in the financial services industry. MAS has set aside S$30million to award up to 200 FSP scholarships over the next five years.

In 2007, we also included two new programmes into the list of specialised Masters Programmes eligible for FSP funding support - the University of Chicago's Master of Science in Financial Mathematics, which will be offered in Singapore with effect from September 2008; and the NUS-Columbia University Double Professional Degree in Financial Engineering, which will be offered in Singapore from August 2008.

In addition to the FSP, MAS introduced the Doctorate Scholarship Programme (DSP) in July 2007 to further develop research and highly specialised skills in areas such as financial risk management, financial engineering and economics. The DSP provides scholarships for specialised PhD studies in top-ranked Universities. Upon graduation, DSP scholars will return to Singapore to contribute as highly skilled practitioners in the financial services industry, or as researchers in the academic and research institutions. A total of S$20 million has been set aside to award up to 50 DSP scholarships over the next five years.

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