Monetary Authority of Singapore Annual Report 2012/2013


Promote Local Talent and Leadership Pipeline

As Singapore’s financial centre remains open to global talent, MAS is making concerted efforts to put in place initiatives to develop a strong core of Singaporean financial sector professionals. This includes efforts to raise the competency of Singaporean professionals through training programmes, allowing Singaporeans to undertake and excel in roles in important growth segments. MAS will also be providing more scholarships to enable Singaporeans to develop specialist skills through post-graduate programmes in such areas as quantitative finance, risk management, actuarial science and specialty insurance.

MAS will work closely with financial institutions to nurture Singaporeans for leadership roles, through training and different jobs and country exposures. To raise financial sector productivity, MAS will work with the industry to encourage review of work processes to enhance efficiencies in specific segments of financial activity. These would include developing shared infrastructure, promoting automation and exploiting data synergies.