Following an organisation-wide staff engagement exercise, the 42nd MAS Recreational Club (MASRC) was revamped to better serve the MAS community. The changes included broadening the Committee membership base to include majority of new staff, ensure greater management participation in activities, enhancing well-being initiatives, expanding Special Interest Groups to include new sports and social activities, and offering greater opportunities for community service.

Dinner and Dance
It was a flashback to school on 6 July 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands. The theme of the 2013 Dinner & Dance was MASchool Days and staff came dressed in a wide range of costumes, from traditional uniforms to the magical capes of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Staff of all ages showed a different side of themselves as they took the stage and entertained with stirring performances. It was a night filled with shared laughter and memories.

Inter-Central Bank Games
MAS hosted the 37th Inter-Central Bank Games from 26 to 29 September 2013, achieving its best ever performance after finishing joint-second 62 Monetary Authority of Singaporewith Bank Indonesia. Our Speed-climbing team clinched gold while the Volleyball and Captains' Ball teams bagged silver. Bowling and Virtual Games were placed third and fourth respectively. More importantly, ties with our regional counterparts were strengthened and new friends were made across all levels.

On Christmas Eve, the young children of MAS staff were treated to Kidz@Work, a musical and carnival event that brought both the children and their parents Christmas cheer. The musical, put on by singers and dancers from various departments, focused on the antics of Santa Claus and his group of musically-talented elves and reindeer. This was followed by a Christmas carnival, with fun games such as darts and mini-basketball. Parents dressed their children up in festive attire and brought them on impromptu tours of their workspaces.

Chinese New Year Bazaar
MAS organised a Chinese New Year bazaar in January 2014 to usher in the Year of the Horse. The bazaar featured a wide variety of traditional Chinese New Year goodies ranging from pineapple tarts, love letters to the essential bak kwa. Many MAS staff visited the bazaar to celebrate together the coming festivities.

Family Day
MAS staff and their families gathered under the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay for MAS Family Day on 15 March 2014. The carnival was attended by approximately 600 staff and family members, who were treated to a morning of fun, music and laughter. For many families, this was followed by a visit to one of the conservatories.

Inter-Group Games
Inter-Group Games 2014 was held on 29 March 2014, allowing staff at different levels and from different departments to bond over Men's Futsal, Ladies Frisbee, Mixed Badminton, Mixed Bowling and Virtual Games. This year, Banking and Insurance Group and Managing Director's Office emerged as the overall champions.