MoneySENSE continues to provide financial education to Singaporeans, equipping them with financial knowledge and capabilities to make informed financial decisions in their daily lives. Through the use of multiple channels and strategies, MoneySENSE strives to deliver financial education effectively to different segments of the population.

Equipping the Young with Financial Capabilities
It is important to inculcate good financial habits among the young. In 2014, MoneySENSE participated in student-centric events — YOUTHphoria 2014 at Singapore Discovery Centre and the SGX-UniSIM Investor Education Day — to promote financial literacy. Information panels carrying simple financial messages displayed at these events reached out to over 3,000 students.

As a co-sponsor of the Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) 2015, MoneySENSE is working closely with the National Council on Problem Gambling and Nanyang Polytechnic to organise a competition for secondary school students to create web-based games. One of the themes, "Don't Leave It Up To Chance!", encourages participants to incorporate financial concepts, such as saving money and budgeting, into their games. With last year's SGCC attracting entries from 43 schools, the competition is an effective way of using games to deliver financial literacy messages to students.

MoneySENSE will also be supporting the National Primary Games Creation Competition 2015 for primary school students. In preparation for the competition, students will learn about basic money management through workshops and talks. Such competitions allow MoneySENSE to reach the young in ways that are more appealing to them.

Bringing Financial Education to the Community
To bring financial education to the community, MoneySENSE held roving exhibitions featuring games and information panels at community clubs and grassroots events. It also participated in the HDB Financial Awareness Exhibitions, held at various locations throughout Singapore.

In October 2014, MoneySENSE reached out to retirees and seniors in the "Time of Your Life — Learning Journeys for the 50plus" event jointly organised by the Council for Third Age and the National Library Board. The MoneySENSESingapore Polytechnic Institute for Financial Literacy provided talks to the seniors at this event. MoneySENSE has distributed over 52,000 copies

of the "My Money Book", which provides practical tips on how to better manage personal finances. The booklet is available in all four languages.

Such outreach efforts have enabled MoneySENSE to disseminate simple but important financial messages to Singaporeans from all walks of life.

Leveraging the Mass Media
MoneySENSE will be stepping up its mass media outreach efforts to create greater impact and bring financial education to more Singaporeans. We are embarking on a series of integrated advertising campaigns in 2015 to:

  • Raise awareness of how two key initiatives under the Financial Advisory Industry Review (FAIR), compareFIRST and Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI), will empower consumers to buy life insurance with greater confidence;
  • Encourage consumers to save and invest regularly with simple low cost investments; and
  • Highlight the importance of borrowing responsibly.

A multitude of channels ranging from print media, out-of-home media to digital platforms will be used to reach all segments of the population.

These initiatives complement existing efforts to engage consumers through the MoneySENSE website, MoneySENSE Facebook page, info-advertorials, talks, workshops and seminars.