The 42nd and 43rd MAS Recreation Club Committees created more opportunities for staff to come together and bond meaningfully. This included monthly lunch or tea gatherings on a Friday, where guest speakers share about topics of interest including health and wellness, sports, and community service. We are also organising activities to celebrate the 50th year of Singapore's independence in 2015, and continue to encourage greater staff involvement in special interest groups.

National Day Celebration
MAS celebrated Singapore's 49th birthday on 8 August 2014 with the theme "Our Shared Memories". Staff enjoyed the nostalgia-filled games, exciting performances, sumptuous tea, and recognised long-serving colleagues in an award ceremony.

Annual Dinner
MAS staff and pioneers came together on 16 August 2014 at Resorts World Sentosa decked in dazzling hues. The theme of the 2014 Annual Dinner was "Neon Fashion Parade". It was a night of good fun and bonding, with plenty of colour, games, magic and fire.

Inter-Central Bank Games
The Inter-Central Bank Games were held from 18 to 21 September 2014 at Chiang Mai, Thailand. MAS' representatives competed against their central bank counterparts in run-and-swim, women's frisbee, men's futsal, mind games and virtual games. MAS clinched an overall third placing after an intense day of competition.

Community Service
Throughout the year, MAS staff organised community service events in support of the needy elderly and special needs youths. Staff held block parties for the elders, took them out for excursions, and helped to spring clean their homes. For the youths, staff held mock interview sessions to coach them in job-search skills.

Community Service Bazaars
The Community Sub-committee organised two in-house charity bazaars to raise funds for MAS' adopted beneficiaries. In the weeks leading up to the bazaar held in November 2014, department representatives circulated emails advertising a variety of food items, games, children's books, and even singing telegram services. On the actual day, staff formed a large crowd in the MAS penthouse to have lunch, join in the fun, and contribute by giving to help the less fortunate.

On 24 December 2014, over 100 children of MAS staff enjoyed themselves at the annual MAS Kidz@Work event. Many children came dressed in costumes of their favourite cartoon characters. They cheered staff who gamely performed a musical based on recent popular children's movies. The children were then treated to a carnival with a free flow of popcorn and candy floss, and a wide range of game stations.

Family Day
On the morning of 14 March 2015, about 400 colleagues and family members escaped from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan city life to Gardenasia in the rustic Kranji farmlands. Everyone had the opportunity to build their own terrariums, give old T-shirts a new lease of life by transforming them into tote bags and indulge in kampong fishing using bamboo rods. More importantly, it was a chance to bond with their families and to catch up with colleagues' families while enjoying life's simple pleasures.