Consolidated Supervision and Cooperation with Foreign Regulators
MAS continues to participate in several insurance group supervisory colleges as host supervisor. Participation in these meetings strengthens MAS' cooperation with the home supervisors of foreign insurers. It also allows MAS to better understand the activities of the insurance groups in other jurisdictions which may have an impact on their operations in Singapore.

MAS also participates in supervisory college meetings of international and regional banks. MAS hosted the 2015 APAC Recovery and Resolution Planning Workshop for UBS and Credit Suisse, two Global Systemically Important Banks (G-SIBs), from 13 to 14 August 2015. The workshop facilitated information exchanges between home and host supervisors to support recovery and resolution planning of these banks. In addition, MAS and the ECB Joint Supervisory Team hosted the annual Deutsche Bank APAC-Americas supervisory college in Singapore for non-EU supervisors from 23 to 25 November 2015.

MAS is also a member of the LCH supervisory college. The college, chaired by the Bank of England, discusses supervisory issues pertaining to LCH's operations in the various jurisdictions.

Crisis Management Group Meetings
MAS is a member of the Crisis Management Group (CMG) of six of the G-SIBs that have significant operations in Singapore and participates in their CMG meetings. The meetings facilitate information exchanges between home and host authorities and the establishment of institution-specific cross-border cooperation agreements to support recovery and resolution planning. They enhance preparedness and cross-border coordination for crisis management, including recovery and resolution planning, for these institutions.

MAS is also a member of the CMG of one Global Systemically Important Insurer (G-SII) and a member of the sub-CMG of one G-SII.