Strengthening Data Governance Processes
MAS believes that a sound data governance framework provides the foundation for consistent, reliable and useful data, and expands the potential for analytics within and beyond MAS. With the setting up of the Data Governance and Analytics Unit in April 2015, we have been focused on strengthening our internal data governance processes. We are fine-tuning our data management policies, which will lay out clear processes to aid the access, collection and quality of data.

Growing Analytics Capabilities
MAS' roles as an economic policy maker, integrated supervisor overseeing financial institutions and operator of Singapore's national payment system require it to collect, store and analyse massive and varied data from many different sources. With an increasing demand to derive quicker and deeper insights from this wealth of data, we have embarked on several analytics-related projects to facilitate cross-functional analysis of data, enable new insights and enhance surveillance through better data visualisation and discovery tools.

MAS is also continuously growing our data analytics capabilities. We started a sponsorship programme for Massive Open Online Courses in data science to give staff good grounding in data science concepts and tools for their daily work.

Engaging Public Agencies
MAS collaborates actively with other public agencies on various whole-of-government initiatives. We are working with the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) on the provision of MAS' datasets on the revamped, with the aim of making our data more relevant and accessible to both the industry and general public. We have also collaborated with IDA on the Personal Data Protection Challenge, where a total of 13 teams submitted their solutions to MAS' challenge statement.