Annual Report 2001/2002

Information Technology Systems

MAS expanded the scope of e-Services for the financial sector by introducing the Singapore Government Securities Electronic Applications (SGS e-Apps) in January 2002. This is a secured electronic platform for primary dealers to submit auction bids for Singapore Government Treasury Bills and Bonds online. In addition, a new SGS website,, with comprehensive information on the SGS market, is now available.

A new improved online version of the MAS Monthly Statistical Bulletin was also launched to cater to different audiences in the public. Besides expanding the data content to include 10-year historical time-series, the online facility provides various data extraction and search features to make data more readily accessible and easily downloadable for analysis.

In the pipeline is a new e-Service called Offers and Prospectuses Electronic Repository and Access (OPERA) which serves to strengthen the disclosure-based regime. The service will host the prospectus and offers of investments lodged to MAS, and provide the public with a simple means to access and feedback on the published information via the Internet.

Enterprise Initiatives
On the corporate front, IT has been used as a means to bring the organisation towards greater integration and cohesion. Leveraging on technology in content management and portals, a knowledge portal is being developed to provide a unified interface to discover, share and reuse knowledge resources in the organisation. At the same time, the content management process will be streamlined to ensure more timely updates, and horizontal portals introduced to provide the relevant context to content, such as the Resource Network portal.

Existing IT applications are being review-ed to make way for new business initiatives such as the integrated investment system to enhance MAS’ role in monitoring and management of external reserves, and a new licensing system for the processing of Capital Market Services and Financial Adviser licences to support the introduction of the Securities and Futures Act and Financial Advisers Act.

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