Annual Report 2001/2002

Statistical Annex

A Monetary Statistics
A.1 Money Supply
A.2 Official Foreign Reserves
A.3 Exchange Rates
A.4 Domestic Interest Rates

B Financial Structure
B.1 Number of Financial Institutions in Singapore

C Commercial Banks
C.1 Assets and Liabilities
C.2 Loans and Advances by Industrial Classification
C.3 Types of Loans and Advances to Non-Bank Customers
C.4 Types of Deposits Including S$NCDs
C.5 Liquidity Position

D Finance Companies
D.1 Assets and Liabilities

E Merchant Banks
E.1 Consolidated Assets and Liabilities
E.2 Assets and Liabilities of Domestic Unit Operations

F Insurance Industry
F.1 Assets and Premiums

G Non-Bank Financial Institution
G.1 Central Provident Fund Board

H Domestic Capital Market
H.1 Net Funds Raised in the Domestic Capital Market

I Asian Dollar Market
I.1 Assets and Liabilities
I.2 Maturity Classification of Assets and Liabilities
I.3 Maturity Transformation by Asian Currency Units


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