Strengthening Cooperation with Industry Partners

Partnership with Academia

In March 2009, MAS, with the National University of Singapore (NUS), appointed Professor Barry Eichengreen as the inaugural Term Professor in Economics and Finance. Professor Eichengreen spent a week in Singapore and shared his insights on the global economy with members of the MAS Board, MAS economists, and faculty and students at NUS. During his time here, he delivered a public lecture on “Asian Integration: The Way Forward” where he proposed six steps that could be taken to further strengthen intraregional linkages. He also gave interviews to The Business Times and The Straits Times on the global financial situation. Professor Eichengreen will return to Singapore in October 2010 on the second leg of the term appointment and will again be spending time at NUS and MAS. This professorship programme will strengthen Singapore’s financial and economic research infrastructure and contribute to a vibrant research community and culture at local universities.

MAS hosted other academics under its Eminent Visitor Programme. Professor Andrew Rose of the University of California, Berkeley visited MAS in July 2009. During his visit, he delivered a lecture on a new model for predicting the severity of financial crises, exchanged views on global financial risks with MAS staff and provided advice on a number of research projects. In addition, MAS hosted Professor Peter Sinclair (University of Birmingham) and Professor Danny Quah (London School of Economics). The Economic Policy Group also consulted Assistant Professor Choy Keen Meng (NTU) and Assistant Professor Vu Minh Khuong (NUS) on specific research projects.

Professor Eichengreen (left) speaking at the public lecture “Asian Integration: The Way Forward”, moderated by Professor Peter Wilson
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